This Package is Customizable

You have the Idea of magic, and I create a unique Event with your wishes

There are illusions packed as well as impossible predictions, direct Mind Reading and much more, waiting to be discovered

The goal is to create a feeling of impossibility

Elegant Banquets, as well as Weddings or Event where the message is the key

Sales Meetings to keep your employees motivated, 

The Opening of your next Bar, or Lounge, and you want to attract people in your city, know you are there. I can reach 500 to 1000 people in 3 hours and convince them to come to your place. How? Just contact me and I will explain all details. 

The best day of your life is coming and you want to offer your guests something they will remember forever? So that friends and family even after many years, are telling you how amazing this day was? Then that’s the package you want!


There are no requirements

You choose the time, you bring the people, you tell me the message you wish to share, I create for you the rest. Did I say something huge will levitate, my own shadow will stick on the wall, while I walk away? This is just to open the show, I want to make all the evening the best magical experience you ever seen



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