Walking through the venue

Building Rapport and connecting with your guests in seconds

You will see how Francesco brings back the time, not only on your own Phone and watch, but to everybody in the room. Another highlight is guessing any thought you have, like a real Mentalist would do and much more

Standing or seating

While guests are standing at their tables enjoying a drink

Those are the best moments for your guest to experience something special, as people are not expecting a magician to entertain them. The impact is terrific and best of all, everybody who stands next to our table will want to take part in the magic, which creates a unique atmosphere


What you need to know

This is a great package if you have a Corporate Event, Dinner Gala or Wedding Party. Where the people love to have fun and they are all located in different corners of the room

1- From 40 up to 1000 people

2 – Duration of show is calculated by the number of attendees. 

From 30 Minutes to 3 Hours performances available

3. Huge Surprise at the end for the booker or special guest



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